Agenda for 2017 Q1

I have several projects in the queue that I'll be tackling right off the bat in 2017. I like knowing what is out there so I'm using this as an opportunity to get my hands dirty in a variety of things. I will be trying a variety of CMSs and a variety of platforms. The projects include:

  • A basic blog
  • Two affiliate/blog sites
  • Update a small business site
  • A large scale redesign/redevelopment of an existing Drupal 7 site

I will be using Wordpress, Backdrop & Drupal for these sites as the CMS. I'll be building them on shared hosting, Acquia, Pantheon and in order to compare the features and ease of use.

  • The basic blog and the small business sites will be Wordpress sites on shared hosting. I'll be trying a new hosting company, PeoplesHost.
  • One of the blog/affiliate sites will be built on Pantheon using Backdrop.
  • Another blog/affilitate sites will be created using Drupal 8 on
  • The large scale redesign/redevelopment project will be a Drupal 7 migration to Drupal 8 hosted on Acquia.

As I progress through each project I'll share tips and tricks I learn along the way, as well as challenges and roadblocks.

There are so many options for building websites these days. These combos are just scratching the scratch, but they will give me a chance to try some new methods and learn some new skills while building on my experience and knowledge.

Here we go!