DrupalistasGroup.com - a virtual Drupal meetup group

When I first moved to California I was chomping at the bit to get involved with the local Drupal community. I had moved from the Denver, CO, area and the community is alive and well and thriving there! I knew many of the local Drupalers and they were a key part of my success with Drupal. So, naturally, I was hoping for the same thing here in Cali.

Having been away from SoCal for about 20+ years the vastness of it slipped my mind. Getting to a meetup for a couple of hours turned into a 4-5 hour long endeavor - getting ready, driving there, meeting, and driving back. I suppose I was spoiled with living so close to my groups. I had tried doing a virtual meetup once before and it was short lived. But, I decided to try it again. Thus, The Drupalistas Study Group was born. We meet every Monday night at 6:30 PST. We have members from coast to coast and have visitors from beyond as well.

My main interest in meetup groups, aside from meeting other Drupal folk (working at home all the time has some disadvantages), was to learn more about Drupa and constantly improve my skills. When we started the Drupalistas Group the aim was to give an opportunity for everyone to contribute in a safe and comfortable environment and to also improve our skills and knowledge about Drupal and Drupal related stuff. We would pick subjects that none of us knew about, decide on a project involving said subject and then set about learning how to do it. We've done that several times and it has been an awesome way to learn.

As of this writing we are coming up on our SECOND year anniversary! Wow! We've learned a lot, had guest speakers, been speakers ourselves, and made some great friends. We've been lucky enough to even meet in person a couple of times at various camps or cons. We meet on Skype and occasionally in other online collaboration spaces such as Fuze, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join.me, Google Hangouts and more. We like trying new things.  Our next project is to redesign our group website. We are learning about discovery, scope, architecture, planning, theming, responsive, development, etc. We have a forum to discuss the project and a slew of google docs for reference.

We welcome new members and presenters. If you have a presentation that you'd like to test on a group, we're your guinea pigs! Visit us at DrupalistasGroup.com and join us some time!