Erald de Hoog
Owner NN Services Inc.

Kathy is a pleasure to work with. Knows what she is talking about and is an excellent themer for Drupal. She is very organized and dedicated. Hope to work with her in the future on a lot more projects.

Cindy Dykstra
Senior Front-End Developer

Kathy is as pleasant to work with as she is professional. She has an aptitude for understanding clients business needs that makes her stand out as a Drupal Themer and Front End Developer. She has deep experience creating websites as well as troubleshooting and improving existing sites. In other words, she doesn’t just create something that looks visually pleasing, but she also makes sure that it functions smoothly and reflects the values of your website, product, or organization. A versatile front end developer/designer with experience using a variety of Content Management Systems and markup and programming languages, Kathy would be a great hire for any job.


Chris Boag
Co-Founder at Digital Business Intelligence

Kathy is a delight to work with. She is passionate, dedicated, and meticulous. She constantly wins the respect and affection of our clients due to her professionalism and astute manner in which she works. She surprises me constantly and is one of my go to people when I need things done. Her broad skill set is a great advantage for our clients and allows us to sit back and feel confident that she has everything under control. I am lucky to work with her. She's pretty cool too!

Heinz Wegener
Senior Drupal Developer

As a fellow developer, I have worked with Kathy on a number of projects. She is an excellent front-end developer and always a pleasure to work with. I am often impressed by her ability to come up with intelligent, efficient solutions to complex web development challenges. Her expert development skills and contagious positive attitude would be an asset to any company.

Katelyn Cushman
Operations Manager

Kathy has excellent communication skills, and is extremely hard working. In addition, she is extremely organized, reliable and a phenomenal themer. Kathy works well independently as well as in a team she is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. She is flexible and willing to work on any project that is assigned to her. Kathy is a tremendous asset for our company, and a joy to work with.

Chris Hartman
Front-End Technical Lead at Questex

Kathy has been great to work with alongside tough projects we've shared together. She's quick, efficient, and it shows in her work that she's proud of the work she does as a Drupal themer/developer. On top of being an awesome team player, she respects the deadlines and budgets, and any company would benefit having her on the team. Keep up the awesome work Kathy!

Larry Geiger
Art Direction and Design

As a business owner, I sometimes have to take risks in order to reap rewards. This is not easy to do for me, and in the past few months I have taken on a project much more robust than I am used to. The web project definitely fell into the risk category. The major component of the project was the utilization of a national Drupal development firm, with Kathy at the helm of the development ship for my project. I needed to feel secure that this massive website was in the best possible hands, to minimize risk, and potentially grow my business. I have worked with many IT and web professionals since the early 90's, and only a handful of professionals have all of the quality attributes that Kathy brought to the table, she handled a very big project with intelligence, grace, integrity and sheer will. This was a difficult project that required the highest level professional. Kathy is that high-level professional. I was very lucky to have her, and know she gave me her best. I know she would provide this level of care to any project. I recommend Kathy for your next project, and stand behind her fantastic work.